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Sonicare Toothbrush: How does it work?

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Dynamic Cleaning Action with the Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

Sonicare Elite 7800The simple truth is all power toothbrushes are not created equal. Sonicare has patented sonic technology. Its bristle tips move 3 times faster than other leading power toothbrushes to create dynamic cleaning action. This powerful cleaning action directs fluids deep between teeth and below the gumline to help remove plaque where it hides and causes gum disease.

Ordinary manual toothbrushes merely only scrub the surface plaque, and no matter how hard or how much you brush, you may still not be removing the plaque that lurks in hard-to-reach areas. Clinical tests have shown the Sonicare electric toothbrush to be superior to a manual toothbrush by removing nearly twice as much plaque between the teeth. The Sonicare is different because it cleans with a combination of high speed (31,000 brush strokes per minute) and ultrasonic wave action to give you an indescribable clean feeling. Laboratory studies have shown this technology actually removes bacteria 2-3 mm beyond the bristles without touching the plaque itself! This is especially important when brushing the tongue.

Clinical studies have also shown this technology to remove over 80% of coffee, tea, and tobacco stains. You actually get whiter teeth! Sonicare is also very gentle on the gums and sensitive teeth. Because of its ultrasonic technology we have found the Sonicare toothbrush to be the most effective type of toothbrush for removing bacteria from the surface of the tongue. Its ultrasonic technology has the ability to dislodge the halitosis causing bacteria that typically remain deep within the taste buds themselves.

The Sonicare toothbrush is kinder on gum tissue and tooth structure than manual toothbrushes and most electric toothbrushes. The end result is less tooth and gum abrasion (receding gums), and less sensitivity. With age it is natural to develop gum recession, tooth abrasion, and root sensitivity, but by using the Sonicare toothbrush you will dramatically reduce the incidences of these problems.

Compared to all other electric toothbrushes, the Sonicare brands are superior in the clinical results they achieve, and in their durability.

High-Speed Brushing

Thanks to a built-in microprocessor, the Sonicare bristle tips move 3 times faster than other leading power toothbrushes - that's 100 times faster than you can brush manually. And these brush strokes aren't just high-speed - they also work in the dentist recommended back-and-forth motion.