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Toothbrush Sanitizers

Toothbrush sanitizers clean, protect, and store your toothbrush in between brushings to prevent germs from contaminating it. Bathrooms, and especially toothbrushes, are the home to thousands of harmful bacteria including the H1N1 swine flu virus, salmonella, e.coli, strep, and lysteria.

These germs can re-infect your mouth every time you brush your teeth. Sanitizers kill these germs and ensure that you have a sanitized toothbrush each time you brush.

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drTung's Kids Sanitizer

Keep away germs! Easy to use 100% natural kids toothbrush sanitizer. Details >>


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drTung's Kids Snap-On Toothbrush Sanitizer Safe All-Natural Toothbrush Disinfectant for Kids

drTung's Kids Toothbrush Sanitizer is the fun way to help children keep their mouths clean. A 100% natural approach to sanitizing toothbrushes and keeping germs away between brushings. For children 5 and up.

2 Sanitizers $8.06 $7.25

drTung's Snap-On Toothbrush Sanitizer 100% Natural Toothbrush Sanitizer

drTung's Snap-On Toothbrush Sanitizer is a safe and easy way to keep toothbrushes sanitary. The all-natural disinfectant in each cover is a safe way to keep bacteria off toothbrushes between brushing.

2 Sanitizers $8.06 $7.25

Oral SteriClean Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria

The Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer from Oral SteriClean is designed to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs on toothbrushes. It sanitizes brushes in just 6 minutes and its compact design makes it ideal for use at home or while traveling.

1 sanitizer $24.43 $21.99

Pro Tech Dynamic Duo Toothbrush Sanitizing Kit Stores and sanitizes toothbrushes

The ProTech Dynamic Duo Toothbrush Sanitizing Kit is designed to help keep toothbrushes clean and disinfected. It includes a toothbrush, four packets of Pristine Toothbrush Cleaner and Disinfectant, and an Invirobrush Toothbrush Holder.

1 Kit $19.43 $17.49

VIOlight Personal/Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer - VIO200 Eliminates 99% of brush head bacteria

VIOlight's Personal/Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer makes oral hygiene on the go easier than ever. This travel size sanitizer uses germicidal UV technology to clean toothbrushes of harmful bacteria in only 6 minutes.

1 Sanitizer $33.06 $29.75