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Cutting-edge mascaras, conditioners, primers, and more to give you luxurious lashes and unbeatable brows.

Fill in sparse areas of brows with mousses and conditioners then help add length, volume, and definition to lashes with mascaras and primers.

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RevitaLash Raven Eyeliner

Enjoy long-lasting color with RevitaLash Raven 12 Hour Eyeliner. Details >>


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AminoGenesis LashGenesis Boost your lashes' natural beauty

AminoGenesis LashGenesis Eyelash Enhancement Formula helps to nourish and fortify lashes to give them a fuller appearance. Since it dries clear, it can go under makeup and can also be used for eyebrows. (5.9ml)

0.2 oz $55.54 $49.99

blinc Eyebrow Mousse Create the perfect brow line

blinc Eyebrow Mousse bestows enhancing, moisturizing, and water-resistant color to brows while simultaneously providing benefits to the skin underneath. It fills in sparse areas and will not run or fade. (4g)

0.14 oz $26.67 $24.00

blinc Lash Primer Helps improve mascara application

blinc Lash Primer is designed to nourish and enhance the appearance of eyelashes. It also helps provide a greater base of length and volume for lashes prior to mascara application. (6.55g)

0.23 oz $22.22 $20.00

blinc Mascara Sensational long-lasting lashes

blinc Mascara helps lashes to appear to have more volume and length for a beautiful natural look that lasts all day. It forms small water-resistant "tubes" that don't smudge, flake, or clump. (6g)

0.21 oz $28.89 $26.00

HydroPeptide Lash For lashes that look fuller & lusher

Expiration Date Sale - HydroPeptide Lash helps lashes appear fuller and healthier. Its nourishing formula can be used on both lashes and brows. (5ml) (CLEARANCE ITEM: All sales final) (Expired: 2016)

0.17 fl oz $44.43 $39.99

RevitaLash Raven 12 Hour Eyeliner For 12 hours of enduring color

RevitaLash Raven 12 Hour Eyeliner provides long-lasting, high impact color infused with vitamin E. For easy and effective application, this crème eyeliner combines the convenience of a traditional pencil with the precision of a liquid. (0.008 oz) (Color: Raven Black)

0.23 g $26.66 $23.99

RevitaLash Spotlight Highlighting Pencil Brightens cheekbones, brow bone, and eyes

The Spotlight Highlighting Pencil from RevitaLash is a crème-based highlighter with subtle illumination qualities to enhance your brow and cheek bones. It blends with all skin tones and diminishes shadows on the face with special light reflecting pigments. (1g)

0.04 oz $22.21 $19.99