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Brushing Aids & Disclosants

Make sure you get the most out of each time you brush with the help of these brushing aids.

Disclosants show areas of the teeth with high concentrations of plaque, allowing targeted brushing.

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GUM Plak-Check Pro

Improve your brushing habits with a mess-free plaque disclosing system Details >>


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Butler GUM Plak-Check Professional Light-based plaque disclosing system exposes areas of build up.

GUM Plak-Check's stain-free technique makes plaque visible, indicating areas that need more attention. A perfect way to encourage healthy oral habits for all ages.

1 kit $33.32 $29.99

Butler GUM Post Implant Care Kit For Dental Implant Patients

Implant Care Kit offers superior at home hygiene. Provides high quality, valuable implant care products and instructions.

1 kit $16.64 $14.98

Butler GUM Red Cote Disclosants Target areas where more brushing is needed

Red Cote Disclosants let you visualize where more brushing and flossing are needed.

40 Tablets $8.32 $7.49

Smilox Two Minute Toothbrush Timer Promotes good brushing habits

The Smilox Two Minute Toothbrush Timer helps make brushing for the dentist recommended 2 minutes easier for children or adults. Simply flip over the timer when beginning to brush then the sand inside will run for approximately two minutes. (1 timer)

1 Timer $4.10 $3.69

Trace Disclosing Tablets Reveals plaque to encourage better brushing

Trace Disclosing Tablets are designed to reveal plaque on tooth surfaces to help children and adults brush more effectively by enabling them to see areas where more brushing is needed. The disclosing tablets are easy to use and have a delicious cherry flavor. (250 tablets)

250 ct $36.10 $32.49