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Dental Picks & Oral Irrigators

Cleaning between teeth and gums is an important part of oral health.

Interdental cleaning with oral irrigators such as Interplak, WaterPik and ShowerPik is a breeze.

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Waterpik Classic Jet Tips

Clean between teeth and promote improved gum health with Waterpik Classic High-Pressure Jet Tips. Details >>


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drTung's Perio Sticks Plaque removing dental sticks for tight spaces

drTung's Perio Sticks are double-ended dental sticks that help remove plaque and food debris. Each stick is made of eco-certified Nordic Birch and features an ergonomic, tapered profile making them ideal for tight spaces between teeth. Available in Thin (80ct) or X-Thin (100ct).

80 sticks $7.77 $6.99

Interplak Water Jet WJ7B Clean debris from hard-to-reach areas of your mouth

Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet flushes food debris from hard-to-reach places between teeth or around implants, orthodontic braces, and crowns.

1 unit $82.20 $73.98

Opalescence OpalPix Durable toothpicks that help improve tooth and gum health

Opalescence OpalPix are toothpicks that will not break or disintegrate during use. They help remove plaque and improve oral health. (32 picks)

32 picks $6.66 $5.99

Plackers Piks Target hard to reach areas with Plackers dental Piks

Interdental product uniquely designed to easily access even the tightest interspaces. Flexible shaft lets you bend it around the tooth surface for maximum effectiveness.

120 Piks $5.54 $4.99

Poseidon Portable Oral Irrigator Cordless, lightweight water flosser with rotating head

The Portable Oral Irrigator from Poseidon is designed to remove plaque and food debris from between teeth with a powerful ultra-fine stream of water. It features three flossing modes and has nozzle heads that can rotate 360 degrees for cleaning hard to reach areas of the mouth more effectively.

1 handle $55.50 $49.95

Sonicare AirFloss Pro Nozzles A faster way to floss

Sonicare AirFloss Pro Interdental Nozzles are designed to give easy flossing access to all areas of the mouth through their thin and angled design. Each nozzle has a guidance tip to ensure proper placement between teeth. (2 nozzles)

2 nozzles $33.32 $29.99

TePe Plastic Interdental Sticks 75 reusable dental sticks & 1 pocket size travel case

TePe Plastic Interdental Sticks have an extra slim design that allows for the effective cleaning of interdental spaces. The sticks are made from flexible plastic and have an easy to grip handle that makes cleaning between teeth effortless. (75 sticks & 1 travel case)

75 sticks $12.21 $10.99

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser The easy and more effective way to floss

The Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser (WP-660) features a Floss Mode to promote maximum plaque removal as well as a Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode designed to stimulate gums to help improve circulation and gum health.

1 flosser $79.43 $71.49

Waterpik Classic High-Pressure Jet Tips Cleans between teeth and below gumline

The Waterpik Classic High Pressure Jet Tips (JT-450E) are general use replacement tips designed to be used with the Waterpik Cordless Water Flossers and the Showerpik. Includes 2 high-pressure jet tips.

2 Tips $12.50 $11.25

Waterpik Cordless Irrigator WP-360W Cordless rechargeable irrigator in a handheld design

Cordless Dental System Water Jet. Convenient, hand held design. Rechargeable, no batteries needed. Clinically proven to fight gingivitis. Promotes healthy gums and healthy smile.

1 unit $49.99 $44.99

Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser Helps remove up to 99.9% of plaque

The Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser WP-440C is designed to remove plaque and debris from between teeth and below the gumline. Its ergonomic handle features a dual water pressure control system for a personalized feel and easy-to-fill reservoir for convenience. Also included is a Nano-Sonic Toothbrush with vibrating bristles to help break up plaque.

1 Flosser $77.77 $69.99

Waterpik Pik Pocket Tips Designed to clean around periodontal pockets and below gumline

The Waterpik Pik Pocket Tips (PP-100E) are replacement tips designed to be used around periodontal pockets and furcations. They are compatible with multiple Waterpik models including the Showerpik Water Flosser. (2 replacement tips)

2 Tips $12.50 $11.25

Waterpik Plaque Seeker Tips For use around implants, crowns, bridges, and restorations

Waterpik Plaque Seeker Tips (PS-100E) are replacement tips designed to be used around bridges, crowns, implants, and other restorations. The tips feature three thin tufts of bristles to promote improved cleaning in areas that are susceptible to plaque accumulation. (2 replacement tips)

2 Tips $12.50 $11.25

Waterpik Showerpik Water Flosser All the advantages of water flossing in the shower!

The Showerpik Water Flosser from Waterpik helps to remove plaque and bacteria between teeth and below the gumline. It provides the benefits of flossing while in the shower with a unique combination of water pulsation and pressure to stimulate and massage the gums.

1 Flosser $72.21 $64.99

Waterpik Tongue Cleaner Tips Promotes fresher breath

Waterpik Tongue Cleaner Tips (TC-100E) are replacement tips designed to promote fresher breath by helping to remove bacteria and sulfur compounds from the surface of the tongue. Using the Tongue Cleaner Tips daily can aid in the prevention of halitosis. (2 replacement tips)

2 Tips $12.50 $11.25

Waterpik Water Flosser Toothbrush Tips Enables simultaneous brushing and water flossing

Waterpik Water Flosser Toothbrush Tips (TB-100E) are replacement tips designed to enable brushing and water flossing at the same time. The tips allow water to be forced through the brush to help clean and rinse tooth surfaces. The tips can be used with or without toothpaste. (2 replacement tips)

2 Tips $12.50 $11.25