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Venus White is a professional take-home whitening system formulated to let you whiten your teeth during the day or night. Venus whitening gels have many of the characteristics of Opalescence gels.

Mints & Gums

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Venus Smile Oral Care Probiotic Mints Helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria to freshen breath

Venus Smile Oral Care Mints promote fresher breath, support healthy teeth and gums, and help whiten the appearance of teeth. Their unique formula helps to eliminate harmful odor-causing bacteria that can cause bad breath. (30 mints)

30 Mints $28.87 $25.98

Whitening Toothpaste

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Venus White Whitening Toothpaste Whitening toothpaste with xylitol and fluoride

Venus White Whitening Toothpaste aids in protecting teeth against cavities while gently removing surface stains to help smiles appear brighter. The low-abrasion fluoride formula is gentle on enamel and features a clean mint flavor to leave breath feeling fresh. (113g)

4 oz $14.43 $12.99

More Whitening Gels

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Venus White Pro Whitening Gel Refill Kit Day-time whitening system formulated to reduce sensitivity.

Venus White Pro with carbamide peroxide, is a gentle and quick take-home whitening system specially formulated for daytime and extended wear times. The gel contains the ingredient potassium nitrate, which helps reduce sensitivity associated with whitening.

3 syringes $33.32 $29.99

Whitening Alternatives

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Venus White Teeth Whitening Touch Up Brush Wherever, whenever teeth whitening

The Venus Touch Up Brush makes maintaining a bright smile on-the-go quick and convenient. It features an easy to use pen-like applicator filled with 9% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel. Mint flavored. (Contains 1 brush)

1 Pen $22.21 $19.99

Venus White Ultra Whitening Trays Whiten teeth quickly and effectively

Venus White Ultra Whitening Trays are pre-filled with an 11.2% hydrogen peroxide formula that whitens teeth in as little as one week. The disposable trays are fast and convenient with just a 30-45 minute wear time each day. Mint flavor. Contains 14 trays: 7 upper and 7 lower.

14 Trays $49.99 $44.99