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Oral Hygiene

Health & Safety

Health and safety items including hand sanitizers, KN95 face masks, no-contact thermometers, and more.

Bad Breath Care & Treatment

Got a bad taste in your mouth? Chances are you are one of the millions of people suffering from halitosis.

Bacteria accumulate on the ridges of the tongue and in periodontal pockets where they proceed to release foul smelling sulfur compounds - the odor causing bad breath.


  • BreathRx is a professional line of breath management products clinically proven to treat halitosis.
  • Your breath and your self-confidence are too important to rely on hit-or-miss products that merely mask bad breath.


The CloSYS Complete Oral Health System works differently than traditional oral care products because it kills germs and destroys volatile sulfur compounds at the source.

Breath Systems

Breath systems help fight halitosis completely and effectively with products such as toothpaste, mouth rinse, oral spray, and tongue scrapers.

Tongue Scrapers & Sprays

  • Tongue cleaners prevent bad breath by scraping bacteria from the tongue surface.
  • Breath sprays help keep mouths fresh, hydrated, and free of odor-causing bacteria.
  • Together, they'll help eliminate malodor at home or on-the-go.

Bad Breath Mouthwash

  • Mouth rinses are an essential part of your oral care routine, especially if you suffer from chronic bad breath.
  • These mouthwashes are specifically designed to help treat and prevent halitosis.

Mints & Gums

Take the bad breath fighting power of BreathRx, Biotene, and others on the go with gums and mints specifically designed to prevent halitosis and dry mouth.

Bad Breath Toothpaste

Got bad breath? These toothpastes will help prevent halitosis with ingredients designed to fight bacteria that cause bad breath.


  • The best toothpaste is an essential component of oral hygiene.
  • Toothpastes for bad-breath and whitening are available with fluoride and sensitivity options.

Charcoal Toothpaste

Brighten smiles without harsh abrasives or bleaches! Charcoal teeth whitening toothpastes utilize activated carbon (charcoal) to help remove discolorations from tooth surfaces.

Remineralizing Toothpaste

  • Teeth need calcium, phosphate and fluoride to stay strong and healthy.
  • Teeth can lose minerals and nutrients from ordinary activities such as drinking soda or from treatments like tooth bleaching and medications.

Bad Breath Toothpaste

Got bad breath? These toothpastes will help prevent halitosis with ingredients designed to fight bacteria that cause bad breath.

Natural Toothpaste

  • Natural toothpaste is free of artificial dyes, sweeteners, and preservatives.
  • They use simple, naturally derived ingredients with a long history of safe use.
  • Natural Toothpastes include Tom's of Maine and others.

SLS Free Toothpaste

  • Toothpaste that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).
  • Irritation from SLS may play a role in bad breath, canker sores and gum disease.
  • SLS free toothpaste is gentle for sensitive teeth.

Whitening Toothpaste

Maintain your smile after bleaching! Whitening toothpaste is effective at removing stains without affecting the natural color of your teeth.

This toothpaste polishes the enamel to improve and maintain the overall appearance of your teeth.

Sensitive Toothpaste

  • Sensitive toothpastes are formulated to help prevent and provide relief from hypersensitivity while whitening and cleaning teeth.
  • Mild formulas or ingredients like Potassium Nitrate help to ease the pain and discomfort from sensitivity.

Tooth Powder

Looking for an alternative to ordinary toothpastes? Try adding tooth powder to your daily brushing routine!

Most tooth powders are made with natural ingredients and work much like regular toothpastes for cleaning and whitening teeth.

Kids Toothpaste

  • When it comes to brushing their teeth, kids have unique needs.
  • Research and choose from natural, fluoride free, xylitol, and other toothpastes to find the right one for your child.


  • There is a manual toothbrush to meet everyone's needs - from toddlers, to teens, to their parents.
  • New designs incorporate bristle technology that provides maximum brushing coverage and tongue cleaners to scrape the tongue during brushing.

Travel Toothbrushes

  • Not everyone wants to take their everyday toothbrush with them when they travel.
  • Travel brushes are a great solution to this problem because they are not only small and sleek, but in some cases even disposable.

Kids Toothbrushes

  • There's no denying kids are different than adults.
  • That's why they deserve their own toothbrushes.
  • These brushes are smaller to fit in their mouths better, and come in fun designs they'll love.

Adult Toothbrushes

  • Everyone has a certain kind of toothbrush that they like the best.
  • Whether it's a soft or firm brush head, a compact or regular size, or just the latest in brushing technology, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Toothbrush Sanitizers

Toothbrush sanitizers clean, protect, and store your toothbrush in between brushings to prevent germs from contaminating it.

Electric Toothbrushes

Why use a power toothbrush? Electric toothbrushes remove twice as much plaque when compared to manual brushing.

Research has also shown that adults and children tend to brush longer. Power brushes provide healthier gums and brighter smiles.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes

Removing plaque on a daily basis is crucial to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Braun Oral-B power toothbrushes, with their oscillating-rotating technology, have been clinically proven remove plaque and prevent gum disease.

Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes

  • The effectiveness of Sonicare stems from its sonic technology, which creates dynamic fluid cleaning action.
  • Clinically proven to whiten teeth and freshen breath, these brushes are a must for maintaining a healthy smile.

Crest SpinBrush Power Toothbrush

Crest SpinBrush Pro & Kids

Crest SpinBrush is the best selling battery powered electric toothbrush in the country.

DentistRx Electric Toothbrushes

  • DentistRx was founded by a group of dental professionals to develop products that enhance oral care and promote overall health.
  • Their product line includes innovative power toothbrushes and brush heads.

Rotadent Toothbrushes

Rotadent is a professionally recommended electric toothbrush brand that can help make homecare of teeth more effective. Rotadent is a one-step solution to significantly improve the effectiveness of brushing routines without changing brushing habits.

Waterpik Toothbrushes

  • Waterpik toothbrushes and brush heads utilize innovative sonic technology to gently and effectively clean teeth.
  • The Sensonic brush naturally whitens teeth and is clinically proven to help remove plaque.

Dentissa Toothbrushes

Dentissa Oral Care Products was founded by a family of dentists whose goal is to provide families with high-quality, affordable dental care products that take advantage of the latest technological advancements.

Soniclean Toothbrushes

  • Soniclean rechargeable and battery powered toothbrushes utilize sonic technology to clean teeth with up to 34,000 strokes per minute.
  • Their variety of high quality brush heads enable users to customize their daily brushing experience.

Mouthwash & Oral Rinse

  • Mouth rinses are an essential part of your oral care routine.
  • Popular brands include Crest, Listerine, Scope, Therabreath, Breath Rx, CloSYS and Toms of Maine.

Floss & Flossers

Dental floss, flossers, threaders and power flossers make it easy to clean between gums and prevent periodontal disease.

Dental Floss

Flossing is the best way to remove plaque, prevent tooth loss and guard against gum disease.

Dental Picks & Oral Irrigators

  • Cleaning between teeth and gums is an important part of oral health.
  • Interdental cleaning with oral irrigators such as Interplak, WaterPik and ShowerPik is a breeze.


Flossers such as Plackers and the OralB Hummingbird make flossing easy and more effective.

Dry Mouth Relief

Suffering from dry mouth? Saliva is essential to a healthy mouth and helps defend against bad breath, tooth decay, and discomfort.

Support saliva production and a healthier mouth with these dry mouth specific products.

Denture Care

Whether you are looking for the best way to hold your dentures in place, or the fastest way to get them clean, you'll find what you're looking for right here.

Denture Cleansers

  • These cleansers are designed to help you properly maintain and clean your dentures.
  • The products are nonabrasive and safe to use on the highly polished finishes found on denture surfaces.

Denture Adhesives

  • Denture adhesives are designed to hold the dentures to the gums securely for the entire day (12 hours).
  • Creams, powders, and strips are the most popular products to secure dentures to the gums.

Kids Oral Care

  • Dental products specifically designed for children.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes that make maintaining oral health fun for kids and easy for parents.

Orthodontic Care

  • Ortho treatments depend on proper care of braces, retainers, and other orthodontic appliances.
  • Keep your mouth healthy with these brushing, flossing, and other orthodontic specific products.


  • Keep plaque, tartar, and food debris off teeth and braces.
  • These manual and electric toothbrushes are designed specifically to clean and maneuver around orthodontics.


  • Make sure your mouth stays healthy by cleaning between and around braces.
  • These flossers, threaders, picks, and oral irrigators are designed to help make interdental cleaning easy.

Specialty Oral Care

Scalers, mirrors and more

Looking for that hard to find dental product? Find scalers, mirrors and more here.

Pain Relief & Mouth Sores

  • For Relief of Oral Pain & Sensitivity.
  • Soothe sensitive teeth after whitening.
  • Heal and relieve the pain associated with mouth sores such as: Canker Sores, Oral Herpes, Cold Sores and Fever Blisters.


Mouth guards not only protect your teeth against collisions, but they offer simple solutions to common sleep disorders such as teeth grinding, jaw clenching, snoring and mild apnea.

Brushing Aids & Disclosants

  • Make sure you get the most out of each time you brush with the help of these brushing aids.
  • Disclosants show areas of the teeth with high concentrations of plaque, allowing targeted brushing.

Dental Tools & Accessories

  • Maintain that fresh mouth feeling between dentist visits with these dental tools.
  • From scalers, to mirrors, and more, now you can operate like a pro at home.

Sleeping Aids

  • Look after your teeth even while asleep.
  • Professional products to help reduce snoring, mouth breathing, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and more.

Pet Dental

  • No one likes the smell of dog breath, but keeping your pet's mouth healthy and clean can be hard without the right tools.
  • To make this daunting task easier, try some of our pet specific toothbrushes, toothpastes, breath sprays, and more.

More Oral Hygiene Products

More Oral Hygiene products: Crest, Hydrabrush, TheraBreath, PureBrush, AP-24, CloSys and more.


The TheraBreath System delivers a suite of products designed to treat and prevent bad breath.

Purebrush Toothbrush Cleaner

Purebrush Toothbrush Storage System effectively eliminates 99.9% of illness causing yeast, molds, viruses, and bacteria, that would otherwise live and multiply on your toothbrush.

HydraBrush Power Toothbrush

The most unique electric toothbrush of its kind - the Hydrabrush fully automates all aspects of brushing - eliminating errors and providing you with the most thorough brushing possible.

ProFresh Breath Care Products

ProFresh Breath Care System uses active chlorine dioxide to fight bad breath.

CloSYS II Breath Care System

CloSYSII utilizes chlorine dioxide as the active ingredient that kills harmful bacteria and chemically eliminates the volatile sulfur compounds commonly known as bad breath.

Crest SpinBrush Power Toothbrush

  • Crest SpinBrush is the best selling electric toothbrush on the market today.
  • It promotes healthy brushing, reduces plaque, and massages gums for a fresh mouth feeling.

AP-24 Oral Care System

  • Unlike other products, AP-24 does not use detergents or alcohol to prevent bad breath.
  • AP24 uses a new surfactant technology to reduce bacteria.

Power Toothbrush Information

Looking for more power toothbrush information? Start here with a brief and easy to navigate overview of Sonicare and Oral-B brushes.