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Sonicare Elite Accessories

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Chargers, Cases and other items for your Elite Series power brush.

Elite Charger Base
For Sonicare Elite handles only. Our easy to clean design includes a handy cord wrap to keep the cord out of sight. Have questions about compatibility with older Sonicare toothbrushes? Contact Customer Service. (Retail Price: $32.99)
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Elite Compact Travel Case
Designed exclusively for the Sonicare Elite. It holds one Sonicare Elite handle and 1 brush head. (Retail Price: $9.99)
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Elite Deluxe Holder
Are you lacking counter space in your bathroom? We can help—our luxury holder attaches to the wall and holds both your toothbrush and one extra brush head. It's the convenient and stylish way to store your toothbrush. (Retail Price: $14.99)
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