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Sonicare For Kids® by Philips

Sonicare For Kids is the first-ever Philips Sonicare power toothbrush for pediatric patients. It is specifically designed for parents to teach children ages four to ten to brush effectively and then transition them to independent brushing. Its unique features and benefits encourage better compliance and exceptional results at every brushing phase.

Sonicare For Kids uses sonic technology combined with a new kid-friendly brush head to create a dynamic cleaning action that drives fluid forces interproximally and along the gum line, dislodging plaque in hard-to-reach areas and delivering superior results for pediatric patients.

Additionally, Sonicare For Kids uses kid-friendly features to help pediatric patients develop consistent, effective brushing habits for a lifetime of good oral care.

Features include:

  • KidTimer: Helps children reach the dentist recommended two minutes of brushing
  • Two different brush heads: Specifically designed to gently clean and protect teeth at key developmental stages
  • Two different power modes for gentle, yet effective cleaning
  • KidPacer: Fun sounds encourage kids to brush their whole mouth thoroughly
  • Ergonomic handle: Multi-grip design to enable parents and children to brush together or children to brush on their own
  • Interchangeable panels let kids personalize their toothbrush
  • Large on/off button that is easy for children to find


  • Removes significantly more plaque than Oral-B® Stages® manual toothbrushes in all regions of the mouth in ages four to ten
  • Removes up to 75 percent more plaque in hard-to-reach areas than Oral-B® Stages® manual toothbrushes
  • Removes up to 90 percent more plaque overall than Crest® Spinbrush® children's battery toothbrush
  • Demonstrates significantly better brushing performance than with a children's battery toothbrush in ages seven to ten
  • Children ages seven to ten brush significantly longer for a better cleaning than with Oral-B® Stages® 4 manual toothbrush.

Sonicare for Kids FAQ's

Is Sonicare For Kids safe on children?
Yes. In clinical studies Sonicare For Kids has been proven safe and gentle on teeth and gums for ages four and older.

Does Sonicare For Kids feature different power modes?
Yes, Sonicare For Kids features two kid-friendly modes, low and high, that are 60 and 40 percent less powerful than Sonicare FlexCare+. The low mode also has significantly less vibration and a lower noise level than Sonicare Flexcare+. Both settings are designed to ensure a gentle, yet effective clean.

What is the difference between the two power modes?
There are two different power modes, Low and High. The Low mode has a gentle amplitude of a 7 degree sweep and is recommended for new and young brushers. The High mode sweeps 9 degrees and is designed for children who brush independently and are acclimated. To give you a reference, the Sonicare FlexCare+ currently has an amplitude of 11 degrees and the same frequency of 240hz.

When should patients use the different power modes on Sonicare For Kids?
It is recommended that young patients (four to seven year olds) and new power toothbrush users start on the Low mode. For older patients (seven to ten year olds), or experienced power toothbrush users, it is recommended to use the High mode for maximum results. Although there are no overt directions on when a child should use either mode, it is incumbent on the parent to help adjust the toothbrush power for an individual child's needs. Additionally, once a child is comfortable with the power and length of brushing, parents can 'graduate' that child to the High mode for maximum results.

Is there something different about the Sonicare For Kids timer versus other Sonicare power toothbrushes that have a timer and Quadpacer?
Yes, Sonicare For Kids features an innovative KidTimer function that helps pediatric patients reach the recommended two-minute brushing time by progressively increasing the brushing duration over the course of 90 days. Furthermore, the musical tones of the KidPacer technology indicate when to move to another quadrant of the mouth to help ensure a thorough, full-mouth clean.

Brush Heads

What types of brush heads are available for Sonicare For Kids?
Sonicare For Kids comes with two age-appropriate brush head sizes specifically designed to gently clean teeth at key developmental phases. The two sizes are 4+ and 7+, and both come packaged with the Sonicare For Kids handle. The 7+ brush head is targeted towards children seven years and older who are independent brushers. The 4+ brush head has a shorter brush neck and smaller bristles for children four years old and up.

What is the difference between the Sonicare For Kids and ProResults brush heads?
The Sonicare For Kids brush head has been specifically designed to meet the special needs of children. The Sonicare For Kids brush heads have a rubberized neck to protect young and growing teeth against potential chatter, the ID color ring was removed to eliminate a potential choking hazard, and the bristles are a clear color to denote the gentleness that the toothbrush delivers. Both Sonicare For Kids and ProResults bristles are in the same layout and trim.

Are the new Sonicare For Kids brush heads compatible across all Philips Sonicare models?
No, the Philips Sonicare Elite, Essence and Advance brush heads are not compatible with the Sonicare For Kids handle, and vice versa. The new Sonicare For Kids handle and brush head are significantly different from previous Sonicare power toothbrushes. To ensure that patients select the correct brush heads, the brush head packaging very clearly indicates brush head/handle compatibility.

Why does the brush head improve efficacy?
Designed with broader sweeping motion and contour fit bristles, when combined with Philips patented technology, the brush head provides increased tooth coverage and better plaque removal than a number of other leading manual and battery toothbrushes. It also creates dynamic cleaning action that drives fluid forces interproximally and along the gum line to dislodge plaque in hard to reach areas.

Why does Philips Sonicare recommend replacing the Sonicare For Kids brush head at three months instead of the traditional six months?
Recent evidence indicates a higher rate of bristle wear in toothbrush heads than previous studies had demonstrated. Based on these findings, they have aligned their recommendation with the official American Dental Association (ADA) policy of replacing the toothbrush head every three months.

Why don't the Sonicare For Kids brush heads have reminder bristles?
The predictability of bristle wear as demonstrated by the reminder bristles in adults is relatively consistent in adults, but not in children. Children tend to bite, chew and diminish the efficacy of a brush head over time with widely divergent results. Parents should visually inspect the brush head to ensure that superior efficacy is maintained and may need to replace the brush heads more frequently than the recommended three months.

Handle Technology

What is unique about the handle technology of Sonicare For Kids?
Like all Philips Sonicare toothbrushes, Sonicare For Kids contains the core patented Philips Sonicare technology that defines its operating range of amplitude and frequency. Its "motor" or drive train is engineered with the same patented sonic technology used in all Sonicare toothbrushes. The handle is also water tight and hermetically sealed. This prevents moisture, including saliva, from getting into the handle.

Additionally, Sonicare For Kids has an ergonomic handle that fits easily in a child's hand with two gripping locations that can help children brush with an adult and transition to independent brushing. It features an extra large on/off button to make it easy to find and an anti-roll feature that allows for easy toothpaste application. It also comes with interchangeable front panels that make it fun for children to change the look of their brush as they grow.

What is the KidPacer?
The KidPacer is a series of musical notes that helps your child navigate through their entire mouth. Much like the technology used in all current Sonicare power toothbrushes (QuadPacer), KidPacer uses musical notes to alert the children to move to the next brushing quadrant. At the end of the complete brushing a congratulatory melody will play and the toothbrush will turn off. The KidPacer notes and melodies are different on the Low and High mode. For parents who do not actively brush their children's teeth with them, they can listen for the congratulatory sound to ensure that their child has gone through the complete brushing cycle.

Why is the anti-roll handle important?
Extensive research has shown that young children have a unique way of applying toothpaste onto their toothbrush. Young brushers tend to lay the toothbrush flat on the counter and with two hands, apply toothpaste to the brush head. Therefore, it was imperative that Sonicare For Kids have a stable base so that the toothbrush would not roll around while toothpaste is being applied.

How are the interchangeable panels changed?
The interchangeable panels can easily be replaced, but may require parental help. There are three panels that come with the Sonicare For Kids starter kit and can be used to customize a child's toothbrush. First, remove the plastic liner on the desired panel. Make sure that the plastic white section on the handle is clean and dry. Then align the buttons and the holes in the panel and press the panel firmly onto the handle. To clean or change the panels, there are two indentations on the side of the handle that will help you to lift the panels off.

The unused interchangeable panels may be stored. If the panel becomes unsticky, simply place the panel under warm tap water. Air drying the panel will make the interchangeable panel become sticky again and ready for reapplication.

Are additional interchangeable panels available for purchase?
No, currently the three that come with the starter kit are the only panels available.

What can be done if the interchangeable panels are lost?
In the event that the interchangeable panels are lost, please call the manufacturer.

Why are the power and mode button so far apart?
Through research, it was noted that young brushers tend to hold their toothbrushes at a very high gripping location. Their dexterity lends itself to more control towards the top of the toothbrush, so it was important that there is a gripping location for them. In addition, as parents help their children brush during the learning phase, there is ample open space on the handle where parents can assist. When children 'graduate' to the more independent brushing style, the large open space between the power and mode button facilitates a natural gripping area.

What is the Easy-start ramp-up feature?
To introduce young patients to the "Philips Sonicare experience" they developed the Easy-start feature, which gently increases the brushing power over the first 14 brushings.

The Easy-start ramp-up feature is on both Low and High brushing modes. If a child is familiar with the Philips Sonicare experience, Easy-start may be deactivated. Place the handle on a live charger, press and hold the power button for two seconds. One beep will indicate that Easy-start has been deactivated, two beeps indicates it has been reactivated.

Is the Sonicare For Kids hermetically sealed? Can saliva or moisture get into the handle?
The Sonicare For Kids handle is water tight and hermetically sealed. No type of moisture can get into the handle.

Is the battery in the Sonicare For Kids environmentally friendly?
Sonicare For Kids uses environmentally friendly Li-on (Lithium Ion) batteries.

Competing Products

Do you have clinical, scientific evidence that Sonicare For Kids performs better than other pediatric toothbrushes on the market?
Yes, there have been a number of clinical studies comparing Sonicare For Kids to other manual and battery toothbrushes.

Sonicare For Kids was clinically proven to:

  • Remove significantly more plaque than Oral-B® Stages® manual toothbrushes in all regions of the mouth in ages four to ten
  • Remove up to 75 percent more plaque in hard-to-reach areas than Oral-B® Stages® manual toothbrushes
  • Remove up to 88 percent more plaque overall than Crest® Spinbrush® children's battery toothbrush
  • Demonstrate significantly better brushing performance than with a children's battery toothbrush in ages seven to ten

Additionally, 93 percent of dental professional parents were highly satisfied with the cleaning performance of Sonicare For Kids, and 91 percent prefer it for their own children.

How does Sonicare For Kids compare to Oral-B Stages?
Sonicare For Kids delivers exceptional brushing results for children ages four to ten. Compared to Oral-B Stages, Sonicare For Kids is clinically proven to remove significantly more plaque than Oral-B® Stages® manual toothbrush and Crest® Spinbrush® battery toothbrush.


Will Sonicare For Kids be safe and gentle on my child's teeth?
Yes, its soft bristles and two kid-friendly power modes (low and high mode) ensure a gentle but effective clean. Its unique rubber mold feature provides additional protection for children's teeth.

Can Sonicare FlexCare+ be used by children?
Yes, however, only if they have been given proper instruction, and/or are under supervision by an adult. For that reason, Philips Sonicare has created Sonicare For Kids, which is specifically designed for parents to train children to brush effectively so they can later transition them to independent brushing.

Is Sonicare For Kids safe on braces?
Yes. Sonicare For Kids has been tested safe on braces. However, brush heads may wear out sooner than normal.


Why is Sonicare For Kids so expensive?
The price is a reflection of its technology and features, which clinically demonstrate superior oral health results while still being safe and gentle. In fact, two out of three dental professional parents saw improvement in their children's brushing behavior after using Sonicare For Kids and 93 percent were highly satisfied with its cleaning performance.

Is Sonicare For Kids guaranteed?
Yes. Philips Sonicare offers a money-back guarantee. Sonicare For Kids carries a two-year warranty on manufacturer's defects. Units dispensed through the dental office also include a guaranteed better check-up or your money back. Please contact Philips Sonicare for more information.

How many brushings should I expect from a full battery charge?
A fully charged battery will provide twenty-eight brushings, equivalent to brushing for two times a day for two weeks.

What are the main differences between Sonicare For Kids and other Philips Sonicare power toothbrushes?
Unlike other Philips Sonicare toothbrushes, Sonicare For Kids is designed specifically to meet the needs of children's oral health and to ensure they develop consistent, effective brushing habits for a lifetime of good oral care.

Philips Sonicare offers a range of toothbrushes to suit the oral care needs of consumers. All Sonicare toothbrushes continue to be effective at plaque removal and help improve gum health.

Are there plans for Philips to develop more pediatric products?
Philips is committed to developing advanced oral care technology to improve overall oral health. Developed with children, parents and dental professionals in mind, Sonicare For Kids was engineered to the Sonicare standard of excellence and features insight-driven innovation.